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Welcome to my Online Portfolio!

Welcome to the Jake Drews Online Portfolio!

You may be wondering "Why did I go to JakeDrews.Com?" or "Why did I click on that link?" or "Why does he keep trying to guess at what I am wondering?" but wonder no more!  You are here at JakeDrews.Com because this is the place to be if you want to stay connected to everything that Jake Drews does!  

Why do you care?  Not sure, but maybe you own a company that you want me to work at (I am the best for the job by the way), or maybe your a friend, or just an acquaintance that I told that I owned JakeDrews.Com and you didn't believe me.  Whichever way, you are here now, so you might as well as click on a few links and check out the latest on JakeDrews.Com

As you have already noticed at this point, this site has a very "personal" feel. I set the site up this way so that you (the reader) will be able to understand who exactly, Jake Drews is while being able to associate my personality to my professional accomplishments.

This will include:

  • 3D Design Projects
  • JakeD Design - Design Consulting and CAD Services
  • Injection Mold Design, Die Design
  • Other Projects Regarding Schooling
  • Other Stuff

Feel free to click on a few links to see anything I have set up for now (Just remember that my site is not now, and will never be, complete), also check out my 3D Side Projects in my Shapeways shop at Shapeways.com/shops/wondrouswidgets or my Etsy shop at WondrousWidgets.Com



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